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Agricultural Drying Mat

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[Orientaldream Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Far-Infrared Rays will wrap all of your body warmly

  • An Environmentally Friendly Well-being Drying System Used nontoxic urethane
  • ower Consumption 1.4Kw
  • 1.5m x 5m

It is the Far-Infrared Well-Being Red Pepper Drying Mat which has been produced applying the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiation Element (Patent No. 479509) of Orientaldream Co., Ltd. that emits 91% of far-infrared rays.
When red papers are dried by far-infrared rays, the drying is made starting from inside the papers so that they are kept distended but not shrunken and having more weight, and therefore their exterior appearance are maintained in good shape and outstanding color, and for this reason, the high quality of dried red papers can be produced.

Being a mat method, it can be used and moved easily by anybody, and all the agricultural products which require to be dried such as grains of rice, sesames, brackens, mushrooms and medicinal herbs besides the red peppers.

Advantages of Far-Infrared Ray Drying Mat


  • Pink leaves are not produced.
  • Wet leave are not formed even dry them after washing.
  • Becomes like those red peppers dried out under sun even in rainy and cloud weather.
  • Minimizes the destruction of nutritive elements of the products being dried due to drying done in low temperature.

Economic Efficiency

  • Compared to those of other driers, the price is remained at about 1/2.
  • Cost for drying is cheap (80Won per geun (0.6kg).
  • The prices of red peppers dried by far-infrared rays are higher than those dried normally, and their weights are also higher than the others.


  • Can be dried by anybody using the mat.
  • Can be operated by an old or feeble person conveniently (Not require to take troubles of replacing boxes, etc.).
  • Can be relocated to a house, warehouse and courtyard, etc. for using it.


  • Through using the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element which has been guaranteed for its safety, it’s free from any defects such as having sparks, etc.
  • Its usage life is semi-permanent due to its less breakdown rate.