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[Orientaldream Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Nature, Human body and Environmentally Friendly-New Sleeping Condition, the Orientaldream Hot Mattress!

  • Mattress/Matt
  • Power Consumption Q 300W, SS 180W
  • Urethane Coating

The Energy-Efficient heating by Using New Well-Being Material

The Hot Mattress of Orientaldream is the well-being mattress, produced by utilizing the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element, which has been developed by us for the first time in the world, and therefore, you can enjoy the warmth very conveniently for sure.

The rich far-infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin and not only it provide you with the warmth but also help promote circulation of the blood and speed up metabolism, thus it shows various effectiveness in anti-skin aging and preventing various adult diseases such as skin aging and chronic fatigue, etc.

For the conventional Hot Mattress for which we were not able to incorporate the heating wire due to the cushion of a spring, we now have developed the safe and practicable Hot Mattress equipped with the Cotton Mesh Hot Radiating Element that show flexible features of excellent durability additionally.

Hot Mattress
Features new material resources, new production method and its ergonomic design
Used the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element for the first time in the world.
Emits 91% of far-infrared rays / shows bacteria reduction rate of 87.2%
Built in the utmost electricity saving system.
Hot Pad
Being not hard like a jade mat, you can lie down on the bed or floor and use it comfortably and conveniently.
Using a high-grade fabric it adds more convenience for user.

Product Specification

Q size
SS size
Rated Voltage
AC220V 60Hz(DC 300V)
AC 220V 60Hz(DC 300V)
Electric Power
300W±10% (150W+150W)
95°C (2EA)
95°C (2EA)

DC Temperature Controller

1. Realized the dreamy Temperature Regulator of a DC power system with eliminating concerns regarding electromagnetic waves.
It's known that the existing electrical products have harmful effects on the human body due to the issue of electromagnetic waves. For this reason, Orientaldream have developed the DC power source system which has been resolved the problems with electromagnetic waves completely, which in turn enabled development of the well-being product that have no electromagnetic waves.

2. Discharge of More than 1 million Negative Ions
Negative ion helps purify the blood, overcome fatigue, promote physical strength, purify air, remove dust, and shows the effectiveness of sterilization, etc. while the DC temperature regulator does not create ozone but incorporated with the function of emitting negative ions for more than one million in quantity.

3. Function of Separated Heating in Left and Right
In case of a mattress for 2-person use, it has the function of using the hot mattress separately by its left and right side so that different temperature can be set that may have been selected by each user to his or her preference, and when it is used by one person, then the power only for the side of the mattress that is to be used can be turned on in order to economize in electric power.

4. 12-hour Timer Function
If the mattress has not been use for more than 12 hours, the power goes off automatically in case the user goes out of doors with leaving the mattress turned on so that the user can use the product safely.