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Loess Heating Pack

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[Orientaldream Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Have Direct and Actual Experience of the Warmth Provided by Natural Loess and Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element

  • Used natural loess PU fabrics giving soft feeling
  • Power Consumption 40W
  • 60cmX32cm

Far-Infrared Ray Loess Cotton Fomentation-Room

By incorporating a built-in far-infrared rays cotton mesh heat radiating element into the Fomentation Device which has been made out of natural loess, it doubles the warmth and far-infrared rays discharged.
It also increases the effectiveness of fomentation having the waves of far-infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin.
It can be easily applied to the portion of the waist, abdomen and shoulders, etc.

Pattern Embroidered in Loess
Fashionable Logo Embroidered
Temperature Regulator for Upper and Lower Portion

The Hot Fomentation Device designed for the multiple purpose use that can be used at anytime and anywhere.
Able to be used for all over the body such as for shoulders, back, waist, abdomen and legs, etc.
For being convenient to be carried by anyone, it can be used anywhere and at anytime as desired for.

The Well-being Fomentation Device rich with far-infrared rays
The Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element developed by ourselves emits far-infrared rays of 91%
The strong far-infrared rays, discharged by the Heat Radiating Element, present warmth deep into the skin.
The far-infrared rays show excellent effects in promoting blood circulation and body metabolism.

The more strengthened function by adoption of the Loess Ball.
It has realized the loess floor in ancient times by putting the Heat Radiating Element on top of the loess.
The loess far-infrared rays and negative ions have distinctive effects in improving user’s physical condition.

Built with soft materials in the design of new concept.
Through using PU fabrics, it enables user to feel its softness and touch with fashionable feelings.