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Loess Heating Sauna

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Far-Infrared Rays will wrap all of your body warmly

  • Cypress/Hinoki
  • Power Consumption 600~700W/Pannel
  • Loess Heating Pannel

Using natural loess and far-infrared rays cotton mesh heat radiating element in constructing the Loess Fomentation-Room of Orientaldream, it discharges a large amount of the far-infrared rays as with negative ions, they help push out of sweat and wastes from deep our skin and present warmth at the same time.

With the Loess Fomentation-Room built with loess heating panels those have been made with the natural loess, equipped with a built-in Far-Infrared Rays Cotton Heat Radiating Element, which has been developed for the first time in the world, a Sauna of high efficacy and practicability and elegant looking can be constructed by performing its interior finishing work with cypress (hinoki) wood.

Construction of Fomentation-Room
2-person Home Sauna
Loess Panel Heater

Summary of Loess Cotton Heat Radiating System
Loess Cotton Heat Radiating System (Patent Pending No. 10-2007-0073803)

  1. Being a system designed to have heat produced from the built-in heat radiating element incorporated into the loess panel, which has been made using natural loess, eleven and germanium, etc. As an environmentally friendly material, the loess emits highly efficient far-infrared rays when it is heated, and these far-infrared rays help make the interior space not only a pleasant but also a place of optimum atmosphere by the far-infrared rays thanks to its effects of purifying the air, regulating the humidity degree and sterilizing action as with the color indigenous to the loess.
  2. The Cotton Heat Radiating Element is made by having the carbon liquid, that has been applied with the most advanced nanotechnology, twinned into the cotton thereby a large amount of far-infrared rays are emitted, and the radiant heat of the far-infrared rays generated during the process penetrate deep into our skin and shake the body cells approx. 2000 times per minute, which therefore, perform action of promoting blood circulation and body metabolism, respectively.
  3. By building the interior of the Loess Cotton Fomentation-Room with cypress wood, etc., it looks very graceful internally, and due to the phytoncide created, not only users can find the place more cheerful but also good for healing heir stress. As reported, the unique substance of phytonicide is discharged from the phyton plant and comprises the resisting power against bacteria. The reason that we feel pleasant when we enter into the woods is due to the phytoncide discharged by the trees in the woods.